Plan Service Structure

Our Managed Support Service Plans are structured much differently than traditional computer service contract models. These are some of the major differences:

  • Our plans are not at all concerned with billable time. A major service weakness in our industry is the practice of proactively billing service hours that cost you money whether or not those service hours are actually used.
  • Plans are designed and scaled by considering the number of computers or devices in an organization which require regular maintenance, the type of support required for each device and how often each device requires maintenance as agreed upon with the client.
  • The first step of our plans is to resolve all current computing issues, clean up any latent malware infections and optimize all of your computing systems covered under the plan.
  • Computing service expenses are planned out over the entire year. Your systems are maintained regularly, and if you do have an unexpected event that requires our attention, you are simply taken care of at no additional cost through reactive service hours that are built into your plan.
  • Each customized plan includes reactive service hours depending on the number of computers in your organization and the level of support you require.
  • If allotted service hours are close to being used up, we will notify you to schedule another evaluation of your needs and decide together how best to move forward.
  • If you don’t use up your allotted service hours then they will simply roll over into your next year of service if you renew your contract.
  • Should you accrue a sizable number of reactive service hours then we can discuss ways to use them toward upgrading your computing environment, for staff training purposes or to apply those hours to larger IT projects for your business.